Three of five Hartselle murder suspects’ cases head to Grand Jury


HARTSELLE, Ala. – The cases of three of the five suspects in the shooting death of a Hartselle man will be handed over to a Grand Jury.

This comes after a more than two hour preliminary hearing at the Morgan County Courthouse Tuesday.

Hartselle Police Investigator Tania Burgess, the sole witness at the hearing, laid out what the investigation found.

Burgess said she responded to a call of a deceased person at a house on Dawson Street on July 24.

When she arrived, she found the body of Anthony Larry Sheppard.

Burgess said an autopsy report showed Sheppard had been shot 5 times.

The investigator said that in a recorded statement to police Logan Delp, who was not present in court, told police that Jaclyn Skuce reached out to him on Facebook. He said Skuce offered to pay him $30,000 to kill Sheppard, her child’s father.

The day of the shooting police said Sheppard was set to appear in a custody hearing regarding the child.

Investigator Burgess said Delp and Skuce agreed on a coded message to send, “Hey do you still have a marketplace item for sale” once Sheppard was dead.

Skuce, who was present in court, told police that she and Sheppard had been in a relationship from 2011 to 2015.

Skuce told police Sheppard had touched their child sexually and that she and her children were afraid of him.

But she also told police she did not come up with the plan to kill Sheppard.

Investigator Burgess said Sheppard had a video surveillance system both inside and outside of his house. Investigators obtained the footage and say they were able to clearly see the shooter’s clothes and the getaway car, a white Nissan Maxima.

According to the investigator’s testimony, the shooter knocked on the door and when it opened immediately fired shots.

Angela Stolz and Aaron Howard were also in court Tuesday and investigator Burgess referred to them as accomplices in the crime.

Police said there was no proof that Howard was in the car during the shooting.
Burgess also testified during cross examination that there was no hard evidence that Stolz helped plan the crime.

Stolz’s attorney, Robert Tuten, asked that Stolz capital murder charge be dropped, however Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson argued that the charge should remain.

Burgess testified that Delp, who police say admitted pulling the trigger, is in custody in Madison County and has not yet been formally charged.

We will continue to follow this case and report any new developments.

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