Hartselle business owners able to apply for liquor license

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Business owners in Hartselle are now able to begin the application process to sell alcohol. After years of failed wet-dry votes, the move passed in November. So it’s a known fact that Hartselle is going to be a wet city, but it’s something many are hesitant to discuss.
People were so hesitant that even some business owners wouldn’t tell us if they were applying for a liquor license.
Those who oppose it say they feel very strongly that businesses shouldn’t be able to sell it. And that’s a concern for business owners. A few of them told us they weren’t sure if they were going to apply for a liquor license or not. Mostly because they feared they’d lose business by doing so.
The city starts the licensing process next Tuesday.
The first step for business owners is filling out a verification of zoning application. After the zoning is approved, owners will meet the city clerk to go over the next application step.
As for who is applying to sell booze, we don’t know just yet. However, the city believes it will generate revenue and stop the outflow of cash to nearby cities for alcohol.

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