HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — Hands Across Decatur, a community-oriented organization, is urging people across the city to not be casualties of the heat.

As the sweltering heat continues to make its way through the Tennessee Valley, the non-profit organization in Decatur is opening its doors to those who need a place to cool off.

With the intention to help people get out of the dangerous heat, Hands Across Decatur is extending its services to the River City community.

The non-profit will welcome people with water and free meals this weekend. While Hands Across Decatur provides for those in need, others will be able to take advantage of their cooling stations as well.

“This is not just for our homeless community we have several out here that have places but they just cannot afford to turn the air down we’re here to just to kind of help relieve that burden and give people a cool place to stay,” said Brad Johnson, the non-profit’s lead volunteer.

Johnson says they are grateful for the community’s support which helps make their cooling station possible.

“We rely solely on the kindness of others to remain open we have this opportunity for people to come in get cool you know because there’s really not that many options,” Johnson told News 19.

Hands Across Decatur will open their cooling station on Saturday starting at 11 am with free meals being offered during the first hour. The non-profit is located at 1027 5th Ave SE in Decatur.