Guntersville High Schoolers to follow hybrid schedule


GUNTERSVILLE, Ala.- Many schools across Northeast Alabama are still working on their plans for the upcoming school year.

Guntersville City Schools is now one of two schools doing a unique schedule for some students.

Guntersville High School remains empty as teachers work to prepare classrooms for the start of school.

“I’m just hopeful that we’ll be able to have a situation in place where we have few cases of COVID-19 and we are able to deal with those in a swift, effective and efficient manner,” said superintendent Brett Stanton.

Stanton told WHNT News 19 that high schoolers enrolled in the traditional learning option will now come to school on a hybrid schedule.

“With the number of students at the high school and the small class sizes as far as space is concerned, there was no way for us to maintain social distancing,” Stanton said. “We had some classrooms, that had 30, 32 students and there was no way to social distance under that current plan, even with 140 students signing up for virtual learning.”

If a student’s last initial is A-K, they will learn traditionally Monday and Tuesday.

Those with last initials of L-Z, will be in the classroom Thursday and Friday.

“When you think about it they change classes during the day. They’re not in the same cohort so to speak throughout the day and constantly moving throughout the day, so that was another factor that came into place for us to make our decision,” explained Stanton.

They will be doing virtual learning the three days they are at home.

This will also give custodians an extra day to deep clean.

Currently, the hybrid schedule is in place through September 18, but district leaders can make changes depending on COVID-19 safety recommendation changes.

Arab City Schools is also doing the same thing once its staggered start is complete.

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