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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – One of the founding members of the legendary band Alabama, Jeff Cook, turned 67 years old Saturday. Guntersville threw him a party, fit for the musical legend that he is.

You can learn a lot about someone’s character by the people that show up to their birthday party.  “Jeff Cook and Lisa, they’re just great people and they care about this area, they are about the State of Alabama,” says Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley.

In addition to Bentley, dozens of volunteers and complete strangers gathered on the water’s edge to celebrate a man that’s done a lot for this area.  “We love Jeff, these are friends of Jeff,” says Rhonda McCoy, the event organizer.

“I can tell you, they’ve supported a lot of people that others don’t even know about,” says Bentley.

For the birthday boy himself, he’s not interested in people celebrating him. Cook says he just wants his community to enjoy a good party.  “It’s just gonna be fun. Good amount of music, good music,” he says.

This is the tenth year for the Jeff Cook Days celebration, and organizers hinted at the fact, it could be the last. “It’s been a lot of fun. We might be here next year. Might not. We might not be here next year that’s why there’s no bad days,” says Cook.

No Bad Days is the concept that who knows how many tomorrow’s we have, so enjoy each day. It was the theme of this year’s celebration.

On stage, Gov. Bentley presented Cook with the lapel pin of the Governor, to which Cook responded, “does this make me Governor?” Bentley was quick to add, it comes with the challenges too.

Fittingly, in front of a crowd of friends and admirers, one of Jeff’s best friends, WHNT News 19 Anchor Jerry Hayes, revealed the biggest surprise of the night.  “One of the founding members of the country music group, Alabama, Teddy Gentry,” Hayes said to the crowd.

Gentry then led the crowd in a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday.”


Surrounded by this many loved ones, for Jeff, this was “no bad day” indeed.


Shortly after Gentry took the stage, the third founding member of Alabama, Randy Owen, also stopped by to wish his friends well. All three then sang one of their famous hits, “Mountain Music.”