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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. – It only took two days for a jury in the trial of Byron Keith Shirey to find him guilty of killing his father after beating him to death in May of 2017.

The trial began on November 2 as prosecutors and defense attorneys gave their opening arguments.

Shirey, 58 at the time of the murder, called 911 telling operators that he found his father, 78-year-old Charles Shirey, lying lifeless on the floor in his home on County Road 372.

Shirey reportedly told investigators he discovered his father’s body after 5:30 that morning when he drove to his home out of concern. He said he didn’t see the lights on at his father’s house like usual.

Investigators say Bryon Shirey was allowed to leave the scene because of a lack of evidence.

After a two-year investigation, in September of 2019, Shirey was charged with beating his father to death.  Shirey was arrested without incident at the time, and released on a $250,000 bond.  

According to information given at trial, Byron was in hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and had asked his father to help him, but was rejected. Investigators said the same day Shirey killed his father, he went to a bank and transferred $50,000 from his father’s account into his own.

Shirey will remain in custody at the Jackson County Jail until his sentencing in January of 2022.