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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. —  Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle, who released his first campaign TV ad Tuesday, took on the issue of candidate health Wednesday morning, issuing a statement from his campaign manager.

“Mayor Tommy Battle believes that it is important that the people of Alabama have faith and confidence in the health of their governor and therefore has requested a statement from his personal physician confirming he is in fact healthy and fit to lead the great state of Alabama,” said Scott Shamburger, Battle’s campaign manager.

The 62-year-old’s announcement follows the Friday release of a number of records by GOP candidate, Alabama Sen. Bill Hightower.

Hightower, who is 57, called on the other candidates to follow suit. He spoke to WHNT News 19 on Friday.

“Me personally, as a voter, I would just be asking the question, ‘Why not?'”

Fifty-year-old Hoover Evangelist Scott Dawson said he’s in good health and plans on releasing his records when his doctor returns from vacation.

Gov. Kay Ivey hasn’t responded to questions on the issue. She is leading the race, both in fundraising and in the latest poll, so she’s the presumed target of the medical records talk. Ivey is 73.

Democratic candidate Sue Bell Cobb says she intends to release her health her records. Cobb says she is in excellent physical health — and has the stamina to serve as governor.

Democrat Walt Maddox’s campaign also hasn’t responded to requests about whether he’ll release his medical records to voters.