Group dines and dashes on $150 check less than three weeks after Oklahoma restaurant reopens dining room

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WARR ACRES, Okla. (KFOR) – Restaurants are just now getting back on their feet after closing their dining rooms for weeks thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, but one local restaurant says a group decided to kick them while they were still down.

San Marcos #4 has had its dining room open for less than three weeks, when the owner says a large group decided to run out on a $150 tab.  

“When you see somebody not only with food, but drinking alcohol, and smiling and giggling as they are leaving,” Owner Erik Deloera told sister station KFOR.  “That’s what kind of hurts on a personal level.”

Deloera says he did everything he can during the shutdown to make sure his employees had work, even if it was just part time doing curbside. 

He also delivered food to area hospitals to feed our frontline workers.  

“Just to cheer them up more than anything. It was really hard,” Deloera said.  It was really hard in the beginning because no one knew what to do.”

Deloera posted the surveillance video of the group running out on the check to social media. 

We’re told one of the women in the video called the restaurant claiming they did pay for their food.  

“We were going to pay with a card and he never came back,” Katie Cook said.  “So we put cash on the table.”

Cook is the woman in the pink shirt in the video. 

Cook was adamant that they paid, although the video doesn’t appear to show the group leaving money on the table at any point.  

“We watched the video 100 times,” Deloera said.  “There is no money on the table at all during the time they said they left it.”

A woman apparently called the restaurant to offer to pay, but after a disagreement over the social media post and the KFOR story, the owner said the woman told them to “go back to Mexico.”

KFOR reached back out to Katie, she said she never contacted San Marcos. 

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