Grissom High School parents express frustrations with district disciplinary system

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – After videos of fights and threats of violence at Grissom High School surfaced, several parents are pushing for answers and results regarding discipline within the schools.

“We still believe in the system, but this particular system is broken,” said Shane Askew.

Askew said he can’t afford to send his daughter to private school, but also can’t afford to let his issues with disciplinary measures at Grissom High School go unnoticed. He is angry because he feels like fights aren’t being handled the right way.

“I think even felony offenses are occurring in our schools and those are serious offenses that call for a stronger response,” said Askew.

He believes a child who commits a crime should face the consequences.

“If an assault occurred in a restaurant or even a public park, then an arrest is imminent,” explained Askew.

It’s not just Askew who feels this way. Several dozen parents expressed their frustrations at a behavioral learning guide meeting Thursday night.

“I’d like to see discipline implemented in a way that communicates to the students that says we are going to hold you to a standard and we are going to hold you accountable,” said Kim Bigelow.

Huntsville City Schools Spokesman Keith Ward told  WHNT that’s already happening.

“We have federal privacy laws that don’t allow us to share all the specifics like that. So any child’s records like that are considered protected under federal law,” explained Ward.

Ward also wants parents to know law enforcement cant get involved depending on the circumstance.

“Now the police would get involved if there are violations of law. So, they may operate on a parallel path, but they are two totally different distinct things,” said Ward.

School officials ask that if a student or parent has any concerns that they should contact administrators.

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