Grissom grad lands starring role in country music video

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HUNTSVILLE,AL –   Country music group LOCASH will perform in Huntsville later this month. The group has had a big year climbing the Billboard charts. It’s also been a big year for Grissom graduate and Huntsville native Sara Morgan, she was cast as the star of the group’s music video for their song ‘Know Somebody.’

So, how does a Huntsville girl get cast for a star role in a country music video?

“I auditioned and I remember this audition distinctly because I did so bad. I made a fool of myself, I was so awkward,” said Morgan.

But, just one week after her self-proclaimed “worst audition ever”, Morgan got the part.

She says she’s done a few indie music videos but this was the first one with a major label and it came with some major hours.

“We filmed until 3 a.m. and it was a long, long day..but it was so fun,” said Morgan.

If you recognize some of these spots in the video, that’s because most of it was filmed across our state line in Chattanooga.

“The whole time that I’m smiling and laughing was just because I was having fun the whole time,” said Morgan.

Morgan says the most exciting thing about this experience is as she leaves her friends and family in Huntsville to start college in Tuscaloosa, she’s gets to leave behind a little piece of herself with her friends and family..wherever they are.

“I’m now associated with the song so the every time the song comes on the radio someone sends it to it’s really fun to have my friends be able to see my work,” said Morgan.

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