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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Two sources have confirmed to WHNT News 19 that the governor’s office is currently in negotiations to set the terms of Governor Robert Bentley’s resignation.

However, neither source believed an agreement had been reached.

Resignation negotiations could include agreements on potential criminal charges after the Alabama Ethics Commission found last week that there was probable cause to pursue the governor for breaking state ethics and campaign finance laws.

A spokesperson for the governor tells WHNT News 19, “The Governor is not personally involved in any negotiations.”

That stands in contrast to statements last Friday from the governor himself. He called a news conference on the steps of the capitol hours before the release of an investigative report commissioned by the House committee looking at impeaching the governor. There, the governor assured that he would not resign.

The latest round of negotiations follows the news that the state GOP has joined the Republican President Pro Tem of the Senate Del Marsh and Speaker of the House Mac McCutcheon in calling for the governor to resign.

Impeachment hearings for the governor are set to begin today at 10 a.m.

WHNT News 19’s David Kumbroch and Chris Davis are in Montgomery. They are working to gather the latest information on this breaking news story. We’ll update you as soon as they learn more.