Governor Robert Bentley’s Campaign Gets Big Money From Mysterious Donor


Gov. Robert Bentley

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Money-wise, Governor Robert Bentley still doesn’t have a serious challenger – outclassing his only opponent – Stacy George – by nearly $1.9 million at the end of the last reporting cycle.

That lead grew even more this week.

Looking through – you find a new ‘Major Contribution Report’ in the Governor’s records, filed on Sunday.

The report shows a $100,000 contribution from one man, William Doré.

Go ahead, look through all the reports you want from this year – it’s the biggest donation from an individual to a candidate that Alabama has seen so far.

But William Doré can afford it.

Vanity Fair had him on the list of single biggest paydays of the year back in 2008.  They say in 2007 alone Doré raked in $218 million by handing over the reigns of his oil services company.

But Doré has collected a fair bit of attention to go along with that cash, all stemming from other political contributions.

In 2012, federal election records show Doré gave $2.25 million to the Red White and Blue fund, which supported Rick Santorum’s presidential bid.

The huge sum attracted attention from everyone from the Wall Street Journal to Bloomberg to the Times Picayune.

But here’s the thing, there are dimensions to the donations.

Look up campaign donations for Doré, and shortly underneath Rick Santorum’s name in 2012, you find a donation to John Kerry’s presidential bid in 2004.  There’s even one for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2008.

So what has Doré so interested in Governor Robert Bentley’s re-election?

A spokesperson for the campaign tells us Governor Bentley met with Doré.  The spokesperson says, “He clearly supports the governor’s conservative record of achievement, especially in terms of job creation, of less government, and no new taxes.  He believes he is supporting a strong conservative candidate, and of course, that’s what Governor Bentley is.”

We also reached out to Doré himself.  The contribution form lists his address in Lake Charles, Louisiana, though we found a Birmingham address and phone number for him.  However, we never got in touch with him directly.

It seems there will always be some mystery around the donations of Doré, as long as his money keeps flowing across the aisles – reaching the hands of Democrats and Republicans alike.

Doré donated$100,000 to the Bentley campaign that already had 1.8 million on hand at the end of the last reporting cycle.

Sole challenger Stacy George had 45 dollars in his campaign coffers at that same point.

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