Governor Ivey gives progress update on Alabama

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Governor Kay Ivey was in Huntsville Wednesday to brief the public on progress being made and accomplished in the state.

She discussed many hot topics during her speech but placed extra emphasis on the value of education.

In recent visits to the area, the governor is normally addressing a single topic, but this address was a little different.

Governor Ivey spoke about the progress the state has made during her tenure and the necessary steps she believes are vital to Alabama’s continued growth.

She presented the Alabama update in Huntsville. Among attendees were more than eight hundred local business and civic leaders in Madison County.

The governor says Alabama is making great strides in the right direction. “We have created more than 34,000 new and future jobs with an investment of 14 billion… with a b… dollars.”

But with the creation of new and future jobs, Governor Ivey brought up another important discussion. “Whether a student dreams of being a rocket scientist, a marine biologist, health provider, healthcare worker or a teacher. Alabama students must have a solid foundation.”

Ivey says she wants the future of education in Alabama to be brighter. She proposes doing away with elected school board officials and instead, appointing new members.

“States like Florida and Virginia that are in top education rankings all have governor-appointed boards.”

The governor says her selections would have to be confirmed by the Alabama Senate and would serve 6-year-long terms.

Ivey says most importantly, her proposed appointed board would reflect the geographical, gender and racial makeup of Alabama’s public school systems.

“If the system is not working we simply can’t continue operating with a system that we have and expecting different results.”

The governor says she is confident that with these changes, the state’s best days are ahead.

She went on to briefly discuss changes she’s overseen to the state’s prison system, expanding access to broadband internet and infrastructure improvements.

In closing, Governor Ivey reminded everyone that when the common good is top priority, we will almost always see progress.


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