Governor Bentley interviews potential replacements for Sessions’ seat


Alabama Governor Robert Bentley (Kristen Conner/WHNT News 19)

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Governor Bentley is interviewing potential replacements to fill Senator Jeff Sessions seat in Congress should Sessions be confirmed as US Attorney General.
Who are the potential candidates?

The list includes:

  • Former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore
  • Congressman Mo Brooks
  • President Pro Tem Del Marsh
  • Senator Arthur Orr of Decatur
  • Senator Cam Ward of Alabaster
  • State Rep. Connie Cooner Rowe of Jasper

There are likely others being interviewed for the position. WHNT spoke with Senator Arthur Orr about possibly being selected.

“Governor Bentley’s been talking to people, doing his due diligence. There are a lot of good people that have been interviewed for that position. I would be honored to represent the state at that level. There is no vacancy at this time until there’s a resignation, the governor is preparing for a vacancy. We won’t know anything until January. I wouldn’t foresee an announcement until there’s an actual vacancy. I think he’ll wait until there’s a true vote, a true confirmation, Jeff resigns, and that’s when the governor will announce his selection,” said Senator Orr.

If Sessions is confirmed for the position, Governor Bentley would appoint the replacement and then schedule a special election to follow.

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