Governor awards relief funds to help state reopen schools this fall


MONTGOMERY, Ala. – Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey has awarded $48 million to the Alabama Department of Education to help schools with the challenges of COVID-19.

The money, which comes from the Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund, will help schools enact policies established by the state education department’s roadmap to reopening schools.

The money includes $10 million to equip school buses with WiFi, $4 million to provide digital textbook and library resources, and $9 million for before- and after-school tutoring resources. Another $26 million will be used for additional academic support, according to the governor’s office.

In addition to the $48 million, Ivey’s office said higher education institutions in the state can submit requests for a combined reimbursement of up to $50 million in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act money.

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