Girl who couldn’t stop eating loses 50 pounds after weight loss surgery

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TEXAS — A little girl who gained over 140 pounds after being diagnosed with a rare brain condition has already lost more than 50 pounds after undergoing weight loss surgery.

Alexis Shapiro, 12, weighed over 200 pounds after having surgery to remove a benign brain tumor. The procedure left her with a condition that made her constantly feel hungry.

The family raised money for the weight loss procedure through a account because their health insurance refused to pay because of her age.

Alexis’ mom, Jenny, recently gave an update on her condition through a blog on the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital website. She also gave an update on Alexis on a Facebook page set up for her called Hope and Love for Alexis.

Jenny said that after Alexis had the weight loss procedure about seven months ago, her health has improved and she is off medication for diabetes.

“Alexis can enjoy things without thinking of food all the time,” she wrote. “We can go to family, school and community functions now and not have to worry about the food or what people will say. I don’t know what the future holds but seeing the progress and the happy Alexis emerge out of this sleeve gastrectomy surgery has been the most amazing overwhelming feeling of joy.”


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