Giles County man describes getting shot by man he met on dating app


GILES COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A Giles County man, shot nine days ago by a man he met on a dating app, faced his attacker Thursday in a Giles County courtroom.

Via Facetime Thursday, 43-year-old Scott Lee described the details leading up to the tragic events of March 2.

That’s the day 25-year-old Adam Taylor drove from Alabama to Giles County, then allegedly pulled a gun and shot at Lee three times. One of those bullets hit Lee in the upper left thigh.

Lee’s doctor said the bullet barely missed his femoral artery.

Because of adrenaline, Lee said he didn’t know he was shot at first, but when he moved his leg, the pain was searing.

“It felt like someone put a hot fireplace poker and poked it in my leg and twisted it. My doctor said within an inch, an inch and a half, I could have lost my life or my leg,” Lee said.

According to Lee, he made contact with the 25-year-old Taylor on a dating app.

But when Taylor arrived in Giles County, Lee says he was driving a different car than expected and the man in the blue Scion didn’t look like the man he’d been communicating with on the app.

Lee told News 2 he thought the man was a lost motorist.

When he approached to give the motorist help, Lee said Taylor rolled down the window, began shouting profanities at Lee and then opened fire.

Before he knew what was happening, two bullets whizzed by Lee’s head; the third bullet hit his leg.

Lee credits Giles County law officers quickly taking the report and broadcasting the car’s description county-wide, quickly finding Taylor in that blue Scion.

Deputies chased Taylor into Alabama. Along the way, Taylor drove at speeds topping 120 miles per hour and put countless motorists in danger.

In Alabama, Taylor drove the wrong way on the ramp to Interstate 65. He smashed head on into a couple driving a pick up truck. The senior citizens in the truck were shaken, but officers say they were not seriously injured in the crash.

That’s where body cam video shows Alabama deputies chasing Taylor across the median and taking him into custody.

Lee said, “I think people are getting crazy. I don’t know if it is the pandemic and being bottled up or what, but people are just getting crazy.”

Lee says he got on the dating app initially because he was bored while taking care of a sick relative.

He admits he didn’t know much about the man on the other end of the app, and now he recommends to anyone using these online dating sites to move slowly and thoroughly. He also advises to check out the people you are communicating with to make sure they are who they claim to be.

Taylor had his preliminary hearing before a Giles County Judge Thursday morning. The case was bound over to the Grand Jury.

Taylor is charged with attempted first degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, reckless driving, vandalism and felony evading arrest. His bond is $173,500.

If he could talk to Taylor, Scott Lee says he would say this.

“What were you thinking? Why me? Why did you do this. I don’t know you. I have definitely not done anything to you, because I don’t know who you are. So why did you shoot me? Why would you hurt any human being?”

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