Getting Results: Limestone County Illegal Dump Cleanup Complete

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - WHNT News 19 got results for an on-going taking action story.

Limestone County District 4 Commissioner Ben Harrison says clean up of an illegal dump site in the Elkmont area is complete.

This news comes after a viewer contacted WHNT News 19 three months ago asking us to take action for the area's concerned residents.

The land has been fixed, but the bonds of a once tight-knit town are still in need of repair.

"It's been a disappointing adventure," said neighbor Beth Davis.

Twelve weeks ago debris from the demolished L&S Food Market in Athens was hauled out to a private property.

WHNT News 19 took action to hold those responsible accountable.

"We appreciate all of the support we've gotten through the media just to bring attention to this and help," said Davis.

The cleanup was completed Monday, but for the Leggtown residents, the damage has already been done.

"You just don't really know what has happened, what the consequences are or may be down the road, so that's kind of unnerving," said Davis.

Many residents were concerned about the contents of the debris.

The Alabama Department of Environmental Management says because the store was demolished and partially burned before its inspection, it cannot confirm or deny the presence of asbestos.

The commission was instructed to treat the debris as if it did contain asbestos.

The remediation plan required the waste to be kept wet at all times throughout cleanup and to be taken to a municipal solid waste landfill.

The debris was transported to the Morgan County Regional Landfill on Highway 20 between Decatur and Trinity.

An ADEM inspector investigated the cleanup efforts on July 8th noting the cleanup was in line with the approved remediation plan.

"No significant issues were noted by the inspector during the site visit," said ADEM Spokesman Scott Hughes. "Due in large part to the timely enforcement actions by ADEM, we anticipate that this nuisance will soon be removed from that area."

For the residents of Leggtown, recovery may take a little longer.

"I think it's caused some tension and I hate that," said Davis. "I think neighbors have always been willing to help each other out and wave when you see somebody in the yard or on the porch and I just hope that we can eventually get back to that."

The Limestone County Commission has 30 days to submit its final report to ADEM.

It will include site photos, as well as disposal receipts.


WHNT News 19 will continue to stay on top of this story and share with you a copy of the final report as soon as it is submitted.

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