Get your coffee fix for less and even delivered to your door

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – WHNT NEWS 19 is taking action to save you money on something that’s a must for many in the morning, and even throughout the day:  coffee.

Lots of people are very serious about it.  They’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars a month for their cup of java.

If giving up such a habit isn’t an option, maybe we can at least make it less expensive for you.

As for how much you can save, it depends on your taste and your demand.

There’s a lot of deals at one local coffee shop in Huntsville, where the barista will whip up for you.

But if you don’t mind doing a little work at home, there are coffee clubs that will make sure you have different kinds of java every month, delivered to your door.

Customers flow into Olde Towne Coffee Shoppe in downtown Huntsville, where the discounts also flow.

“We do a discount if you bring your own mug and save the environment,”  said Jill Riley, the owner of Olde Towne Coffee Shoppe.   “Less paper use on our part and on your part.  So if you bring in your own mug, you can save 50 cents on one of our coffees.”

Riley said her shop also offers one-dollar-refills, 15% off for military customers and 10% off for senior citizens.

Plus, there’s a punch card for repeat customers to earn a free cup of coffee.

And Riley is putting together a new coffee of the month club, which falls in line with the apparent demand people have for coffee.

A study by found Americans spend at least $20 a week on coffee fixes.  That’s an average of nearly $1,100 each year.

WHNT NEWS 19 did some digging online to find ways to save and our research lead us to a great list of coffee subscription services at

The top one is Craft Coffee, based in Brooklyn, New York, which will send you coffees from three different roasters from all over the country.

It costs about $25 a month for three four-ounce packages of whole bean or ground coffee.

Another club is Mistobox, which gives you four samples.  That includes two ounces in each from coffeemakers around the country.  And it’s even cheaper than Craft.

You can sign up for the service for 15 dollars per month.

And if one kind of coffee stands out, you can purchase a pound of it from the roaster, shipped free.

If you want a little more than just java, Citizen Bean sends you some goodies to go along with the coffee.

Membership starts at about $80 for three months and goes up.   That gets you great coffee, plus food samples, herbs, coffee accessories, brewing and grinding gear, and brewing guides.

If you’re a loyal customer of Starbucks, make sure you have a Starbucks Rewards Card or keep track of your stars by using the Starbucks app on your smartphone.

You’ll earn free drinks, food, and refills.

Dunkin Donuts has a DDPerks Rewards program that allows you to accumulate points towards free stuff.