Get a good clean shave for less: join the club or go local


Courtesy: Dollar Shave Club

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – WHNT NEWS 19 is taking action to help men look clean cut and cool, keeping more money in their wallets.

We found ways to save money and enjoy a nice clean full face shave.

Most men would tell you they change out the razors at least once a month and even more, depending on what kind of razor they’re using.  Even using a cheap one and replacing it often can add up over a year.

In fact, people who researched the topic for found shaving for a guy costs about 111 dollars a year.  That’s using a 33-cent disposable razor about four times.

But there’s a money-saving option on a slick shave, that claims to bring the cost down to as little as $24 a year.

The Dollar Shave Club boasts: “Shave time, shave money”.

By joining, you get a razor delivered to your door once a month.

You choose the quality of it — a one dollar razor, a six dollar razor or a nine-dollar-razor.  Although, you do have to pay shipping and handling, which bumps it up by two bucks.  They come with several stainless steel blades and cartridges.

If you like it and refer a friend over Facebook or email, the company will give you five dollars.

But WHNT NEWS 19 dug a little deeper for even more money-saving options to help you look clean-cut and save money.

If a monthly club membership doesn’t cut it for you, we found several barber shops in Huntsville that offer a full face shave.

One of the cheapest around is at Flawless Cuts Barber Shop. They’ll clean you up for 12 dollars.

Haysland Square Barber Shop will do it for 13 dollars.

Rooster’s will give you a full face shave for $22 and they’ll throw in a haircut for a total of $45.

And then there’s Blue Healing Spa that will give you a hot towel and a neck shave for $25.

Click HERE to check out another shaving club for men and women.   And HERE is one more for men and women.

Happy shaving — be careful and don’t knick yourself!