George Floyd’s daughter condemns violent protests, says it “won’t solve anything”


In Bryan, Texas, a peaceful protest was held, led by Floyd’s son Quincy Mason Floyd. Quincy and his sister Connie were joined by dozens of others.

Floyd says he and his other siblings moved to Bryan from Houston more than 15 years ago, but hadn’t seen his father since he was a child. However, they said they wanted to remember him, honor his memory, and shared this concerning riots that continue around the country.

“The violence is not the way to do this. Now, this is beautiful. But the violence, it won’t solve nothing. It will just bring more violence, more death. It won’t solve anything. I understand it has to stop, but don’t fight fire with fire.”

The two plan to be in Houston today to visit with other members of the extended family, and hope to share Floyd’s funeral arrangements soon. They say he is planned to be buried in the Houston area.

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