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MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. (WREG) – A pit bull who was turned over to a Tennessee animal shelter because his owner said the animal was gay, has a new owner.

Elton’s story went viral and the shelter in Madison County, Tennessee was flooded with phone calls from people who wanted to adopt him.

The former owner said the dog was ‘humping’ other male dogs and he no longer wanted the dog and it could be euthanized.

Stephanie Fryns learned what happened on Facebook and decided she wanted to give the dog a new home and a new life, “It’s just a natural instinct for a dog. It doesn’t mean anything about his gender, anything of that nature. Dogs are dogs. It’s a dominance thing.”

Fryns named the dog ‘Elton’ after Elton John, the famously proud gay singer.

She says numerous media outlets want to talk to her but she wants people to step up.

“Get out there. Be proactive. Honestly, I was the only one who was in line this morning for him,” said Fryns. “There was 2,000 people who posted they wanted him. Nobody but me was in line.”

Fryns encourages people to go to their local animal shelter and find an animal with an interesting story then take it home!