Gas issues impacting truck drivers’ workflow


PRICEVILLE, Ala. — While driving is a regular occurrence for many people, it’s can be the livelihood for truck drivers. Panic-buying at the pump is causing some gas station to run out of fuel and some truck drivers to feel the impact.

“Well, today I had to go to three different spots to just to get here and to get diesel today,” said Mark Rhone, the owner and operator of Priority Transportation out of Cullman.

He says with gas stations running out of fuel, it’s affecting workflow. “We on a time schedule and what we call e-logs which is you have to stay on-duty driving until you stop and then you go off,” he adds. “So that affects our time and how we get to the customer and how we pick up our freight so yeah, it’s a pain.”

Rhone and other truck drivers out of the southeast are feeling some effects, but some traveling from out of the area say they haven’t noticed a shortage yet.

“I didn’t notice anything,” said Marty Marks, a driver for XB Logistics out of Chicago. “I heard about it so I made sure I had enough fuel to get in and out, just in case.”

“That pipeline… that carries a lot of gas, a lot of fuel,” said Randy Morse, a driver for Doug’s Produce out of Mulberry, Arkansas. “So I’m just worried about the east coast and it trickles down, unfortunately.”

Though they haven’t noticed a shortage at the gas stations they’ve been at, they have all seen a hike in gas prices in the area.

They all encourage drivers to fuel up when they can to avoid getting stuck without gasoline.

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