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It’s a bizarre item. It’s called Gadget Grab. The packaging says it’s, and I love this creativity,  “a universal tablet stand.”

It cost $9.99 normally. We got it for half that on sale.

It claims to be perfect for all your hands-free needs.

Basically, it’s two round pieces about the size of a bagel, with adhesive so you can stick it to a table. There is an adhesive on another side that catches your phone or tablet.

Back to that bagel example …

Imagine slicing a bagel in half. The bottom of the bagel folds back so the “top” of the “bottom” half sticks to the surface. You place the “bottom” of the “top” half on the surface, the two are connected with a hinge, and the “top” half of the bagel folds up perpendicular to the surface.

If that example doesn’t make sense, I’m not an engineer. I’m a math-challenged news guy who never had a chance of working for NASA.

Gadget Grab does work. It will grip, and hold, your smartphones and devices.  But a book would do the same thing.

It’s a Deal. But it’s a bizarre device.