Fyffe residents concerned about safety caused by sinking pothole


FYFFE, Ala. – News 19 is taking action and getting results regarding a hole growing on County Road 539 in Fyffe.

Residents say it has been a recurring issue for years.

“It’s just something that’s got to be taken care of before somebody gets killed or gets hurt,” said Etta Durham.

Durham has lived on the narrow road for 10 years.

She said about five years ago, the hole started developing around 50 yards from her front step.

“It just keeps coming and going and coming and going.”

Workers patched it in March, but the hole in back and now the entire area is sagging.

“The guys that filled in the hole here, they said there’s not enough rock enforcement up under here,” explained Durham.

The hole measured about a foot deep and just under two-feet wide.

Durham told News 19 the hole has caused damage to her hubcap and is putting lives at risk.

“To keep these kids and all from getting hurt and people having wrecks, I would like to see if they would just take this up and repack it right. When the men were here before, you could see all the way down to the ground completely under it and you can see yourself it’s cracking. They’re just not taking care of the roads through here. It’s going to gradually, with those big tractors, it’s going to finish breaking through,” she said.

News 19 called the road department Thursday morning to see what is being done about the hole, crews went out to investigate.

Superintendent Tom Broyles said they are not sure what the problem is, but they dug down to see if it could be repaired.

They were able to temporarily fix the hole, but Broyles said the pipe needs to be replaced.

Little Sauty Creek near the hole is backed up currently due to beaver dams.

He said because the dams are on private property, they will have to replace the pipe when the creek dries up this summer or get an easement approved.

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