Fry Maker Debatable!

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The Natural Cut for Perfect Fries cost $9.99!

I tell you that right off the bat so you will know that we’re not talking about the most expensive fry maker in the world.

But the really cool thing about the Natural Cut for Perfect Fries is that it cuts country fries fast, quickly, and efficiently.

It works like a charm. Perfect. It’s a dreamy French fry maker.

(Hint: There is a catch coming)

It’s a killer French fry maker…unless the two pieces get stuck together.

And that is what happened to us on the third potato. We made a huge plate of French fries but not even Hercules himself could have separated the two pieces when they were stuck with potato chucks between them.

Here is how it works.  There is a bottom piece with sharp blades on the top. You put the potato there and then put a separate housing over the potato and just press it down.

It works great. But on the third try, it stuck tight. No matter of pulling, tugging, or the use of harsh language could pull the two pieces apart.

After soaking in the sink for two days, we were finally to pull the pieces apart.

For that reason, we are making the Natural Cut for Perfect Fries debatable.

It makes a ton of fries fast.

But it can get stuck and no amount of pulling can get it apart.

(Here is a secret. I kept it and will give it more chances. I just won’t press down as hard next time.)

We make it Debatable!

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