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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – Family and friends threw a drive-thru baby shower Saturday for a Huntsville woman expecting triplets.

Torri’onna Nance’s loved ones dropped off gifts while she stayed inside on bed rest and out of the heat. Nance is 27 weeks pregnant. She found out she was having triplets seven weeks ago, not long after learning she was having twins. Nance said the pandemic has delayed her insurance, forcing some of her appointments to be over the phone.

She said despite everything going on, she is focused on relaxing so she can bring healthy babies into the world.

“I just sit around and watch cooking shows,” Nance said. “My doctor recommended I find something good to watch. He said to kick back. He said now is not the time to get involved in much but to sit around at home and take it easy. I was told to shower, eat my meal and sit on the couch.”

Nance recently received word that Frank Williams, a local business owner, has offered to donate a used SUV to help her, her 2-year-old and her triplets get around.