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MOULTON, Ala. – Freeman Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church has been serving members since 1930, but their history goes back to July 25, 1869.

Timothy Perryman, the pastor of Freeman Tabernacle Baptist Church, said it all started with Moulton Baptist Church.

“After the Civil War the blacks in Moulton Baptist Church, at the time, got granted the letter of dismissal to form what we now know as Freeman Tabernacle. In the beginning, it was known as the Colored Baptist Church,” explained Perryman.

Perryman said 150 years ago, it cost just $50 to buy the land and build the Colored Baptist Church. The pastors from Moulton Baptist Church and Freeman Tabernacle say their sisterhood is priceless, and they’re so thankful that they can celebrate this milestone together.

Jesse Reeder, the senior pastor of Moulton Baptist Church, stated, “We go back quite a ways, and we’re just glad they invited us to be a part of this day and to celebrate with them.”

Perryman is thankful they had the opportunity to bring these two congregations together.

He added they also celebrate John Harrison Freeman, the man credited with bringing the church to where it is today because he helped build a new one in 1929.

“Unfortunately he died early on in the process, and when the church was completed in 1941, the church was renamed in his honor,” he said.

Today, Pastor Perryman and Pastor Reeder often partner to continue to grow their churches and celebrate their faith.

They hope to combine congregations again in the near future to bring Moulton together in diversity and their history.

For more information on each congregation, you can visit Freeman Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church’s Facebook, or Moulton Baptist Church’s website.