Free 2 Teach opens up for back to school shopping


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The local nonprofit, Free 2 Teach, opens their doors each year to local public school teachers as they prepare for the upcoming school year.

It is scheduled to open on July 6, and will be open Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8:00 in the morning to 12 p.m. for at least the next two weeks.

The organization has provided free resources for teachers in Madison County’s three public school systems since 2011.

More than 3,800 full-time teachers and 54,000 students have benefited from the program, which has helped improve the educational experience of the children in our area. “They leave with an average of $565 [in supplies] in their carts for kids in their classroom,” Alison Kling, Executive Director of Free 2 Teach, told News19.

Teacher’s planning to shop will need to register and schedule their visit, which they can do here.

“Our volunteers and staff have been working hard in our free teacher store and warehouse throughout June to restock, clean and organize the store so we can welcome 100 teachers per shopping day throughout July.” Kling said in a press release.

Donations from foundations, companies, and individuals across the community have helped support the mission of Free 2 Teach, to make sure every child has the tools they need to succeed, regardless of economic background.

“The amazing thing about Free 2 Teach is that while our summer shopping season is busy with teachers preparing to return to the classroom, we are open throughout the year for teachers to continue shopping with us every other month,” Kling said. “We know kids need to be just as prepared for the first day of school as they do for their last day of school and we want teachers to know they will be supported throughout the year.”

Last year, the organization gave away nearly $1.1 million in school supplies.

This year, they are gearing up for more teachers than ever to be shopping, as Huntsville and the surrounding areas grow. They expect 1,200 teachers to shop in July alone.

To learn more about Free 2 Teach or to help their mission, click here.

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