Fragile supply lines common target by cyber criminals

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala – From production to distribution, supply lines have been tried and tested. According to Gray Analytics, supply lines are now even more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

“I think we are very fragile. Especially if you look at the dependence we have on other countries,” said David Jarmon, the Vice President of Cybersecurity at Gray Analytics.

Jarmon says criminals are looking for ways to exploit that fragile supply chain. He’s urging business owners to think about what they do online and how they get things shipped.

“What information is paramount to the success of your business?” asked Jarmon.

It’s that information, Jarmon says cyber criminals are after. Jarmon says businesses should truly know their suppliers. Are they your only source? Can you test or verify your product is legitimate upon delivery?

Jarmon says cyber attacks on the supply chain can be as subtle as hackers taking your information to steal a shipment and swap it with counterfeit goods.

“If you’re buying 5,000 parts. Not all of them have to be counterfeit or faulty. Only some of them,” said Jarmon.

Gray Analytics uses a program called ChainShield, working with businesses big and small to detect these subtle cyber threats.

Jarmon says larger companies likely have programs or contracts in place to detect supply chain interference. He says it’s the smaller businesses that could face serious issues as they may not know what to look for.

“If you can just give or dedicate a little time and resources, it is much cheaper to stay secure than it is to get breached,” said Jarmon.

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