Fort Payne assisted living facility attributes zero COVID-19 resident cases to prayer


FORT PAYNE, Ala. – One Northeast Alabama assisted living facility is one of very few organizations to not have a single coronavirus case among residents.

Inside of the Wills Creek Village Assisted Living facility, residents are making the best of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They have done wonderfully well, our residents have, but it’s still sad when you’re confined to your room most of the time for a year. They have fared better than I have,” said owner Janet Owen.

“It hasn’t really made much of a difference other than we’re not able to go out much. We do stay confined to our rooms, wear a mask when out in the hallway, try to live by the rules, and be happy about it because we’re safe here,” added resident Dorothy Cyr.

Cyr told News 19 she has lived at the facility for more than four years and feels blessed that neither she nor any of the other residents have had the coronavirus.

“We’re just amazed. Part of the staff have had exposures but they have quarantined themselves out of the building for the correct amount of time. I’ve never had a fear of getting it from one of the staff,” said Cyr.

Supervisor Patricia Day told News 19 they have drastically increased daily cleanings, and follow strict CDC guidelines including taking temperatures and wearing masks.

She said loved ones are allowed to visit but only from the opposite side of a plexiglass wall.

“Any measurements we can take to keep the residents safe is what we want to do. They are our family here. We all love them each and every one of them. I look at it like if it was my family member that needed to be kept safe, I would go to every extreme and every measure to do so,” said Day.

However, Day said prayer and faith are the real reasons why they have had zero cases.

“For us to have 32 residents and not a single one of them has had COVID, I think it’s something beyond us doing what we can do, we had to have help,” explained Day.

Day explained that the facility is also working to keep its residents safe by limiting some activities, sticking to telehealth visits, and having medications delivered to limit outside exposure.

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