Fort Payne Apartments residents frustrated over broken A/C units, pool


FORT PAYNE, Ala.- It is getting harder and harder for some Fort Payne residents to beat the heat this summer.

They live in an apartment complex that’s having issues getting their air conditioning units repaired and/or replaced.

Residents who want to remain anonymous tell News 19 they were also told the pool would be open this summer, but it is not.

Kathy Cullen was willing to do an on-camera interview.

She has lived at Fort Payne Apartments since March 2021.

“They painted the outside, re-did the inside, we have new appliances which are great,” said Cullen.

She says it is great that the new owners are making things look nicer, but they need to focus less on cosmetics and more on functionality.

“It’s just frustrating because for some of us that pay our rent on time or even early and you then have all these other issues and they’re not being addressed,” she added.

Cullen walked News 19 through her unit and bathroom where she says there once was black mold.

“They killed it and you can tell because you can still see some of it, but it’s not spreading anywhere that I can see,” Cullen explained.

She says local management is doing the best they can with what they have and feels the responsibility lies on the new property owner, GSH Properties.

She added that one of the amenities driving potential residents to Fort Payne Apartments is not actually working; a swimming pool.

“I’ve had a couple of neighbors actually say they’ll terminate their lease because it was an amenity and it’s not up, it’s not working so they said they’ll leave. They have no problem with that,” she said.

GSH properties representative Mike Green told News 19 they bought the property around November 2020.

He says it is taking a while to get workers to repair and/or replace broken air condition units because they are all backlogged due to COVID-19.

He hopes to get the pool in working condition, but it’s not likely to open this summer.

A tenant meeting is scheduled for July 10 at noon.

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