Former teacher offers educational support to families as Madison County school systems plan to start remotely

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. – Feelings are mixed after superintendents for Huntsville, Madison and Madison County schools announced that students will start the school year with remote learning. Now a former teacher is stepping up to the plate to help parents educate their children.

Former second-grade teacher and reading specialist Tiffany Crenshaw said educators don’t want parents to feel like they are not supported, so she’s offering tutoring or co-op services.

“One of the things I’m considering this fall is doing a reading/writing club virtually for a few students that can join in with my daughter,” Crenshaw said.

Many people, like Crenshaw, are taking small groups of students under their wings — virtually.

“I can give them some reading strategies,” Crenshaw said. “They can work together just to kind of support that reading piece because I know that can be a fear as a parent: ‘How do I teach my children to read?’ ‘How can I teach them the strategies they’ll be getting in the classroom?'”

But Crenshaw said stepping away from the computer is just as important too.

“People think, ‘You were homeschooling already. This is normal for you.’ But homeschoolers don’t stay at home. We are out. We’re doing field trips. We’re meeting other people because the socialization is so crucial for kids,” Crenshaw said. “So we don’t want to lose that this fall, but we want to do it in a safe way that keeps kids healthy.”

Outside of tutoring, Crenshaw said she’ll be starting an in-person cardboard box club this fall where a group of six children can socialize and meet regularly for extracurricular activities at no charge to parents.

“Not to worry,” she said. “Your children are not going to be behind because they’re going to be with you, and they’re going to be learning. You can make everything a learning opportunity for your kiddos.”

Crenshaw said some parents can’t afford to stay at home, so she wants to help any way she can.

If you’re interested in the cardboard box activities for young children, you can learn more through Crenshaw’s business Facebook page — Animal House Photography.

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