Former Huntsville Police Officers Appeal Termination

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Former Huntsville Police officers P.J. Lee and Brett Russell went before the Huntsville City Council Thursday evening in an attempt to get their jobs back.

Lee and Russell are both accused of violating departmental rules and regulations in separate instances late last year.

Attorney for Chief of Police Lewis Morris said Lee admitted to punching a man he was attempting to take into custody in October 2011. She also accused Lee of using unnecessary force in a separate incident the following December when he allegedly pulled a woman out of her car during a traffic stop.

Attempts to show the video during the hearing were denied by the council.

Lee’s defense says he was acting within his training and according to what he saw as appropriate action in the midst of the arrest.

The council will announce whether they will give Lee his job back in a meeting on July 26th.

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Brett Russell's attorney never even got the chance to finish making his case, as council members discussed whether to allow video of the December incident Russell was terminated for.

Like the video of Lee's incident, the tape of Russell's wasn't submitted to the council members prior to the hearings, and no new information or evidence was allowed to be presented during the appeals.

After a lengthy back and forth between council members and the attorneys the council decided to continue the hearing on another date. The video was marked "Exhibit #1" and it seemed a clerical error led to the omission of the evidence.

A new date has not been set at this time.