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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) – A Meridianville daycare is under investigation following a former worker’s cry for help.

Amy Boyett worked at Kiddieland Child Care Center and secretly recorded teacher’s interactions with babies and toddlers to show what was happening while mom and dad were away.

“What was it that made you want to do this?” asked WHNT News 19 reporter, Molly Mitchell. “Somebody had to speak for the kids,” said Boyett.

Boyett worked at Kiddieland Child Care and Preschool for a little more than a year, at first the issues were doable to continue working at the facility.

“We were extremely understaffed so there was no training,” said Boyett.

A few dozen children attend the center. Ages range from only six months old to five years old.

Boyett says she noticed issues in April when she overheard another teacher yelling in her classroom down the hall, “Nobody is going to believe you it doesn’t matter what you tell your parents they won’t believe you over me. That’s when I realized, I really have to get proof because nobody will believe me either.”

So she recorded, silently capturing aggression. Boyett placed her camera on tables and pressed record. She says she couldn’t capture everything, but when she was able to at the right moment she would document every action.

“Children are being jerked around, being put in high chairs and left sitting for hours,” shared Boyett. “They are being yelled at. One little girl was picked up and slammed down in a chair.”

The phone documented the situations these helpless children were placed in by their caretakers.

“She left him in the diaper for like 15 minutes,” recalled Boyett. “And then berated him while she was changing him and kept calling him a nasty boy.”

Friday Boyett shared the videos on social media so parents could see. Then she contacted state DHR and the Madison County Sheriff’s Office. Both are actively investigating Kiddieland Child Care.

“Do you believe that this mentality was known by management?” asked Mitchell.

“Absolutely,” replied Boyett. “They were just like the others. In fact I heard one of them tell one of the teachers, whoop his butt I won’t tell.”

Boyett was fearful she would be caught recording, but now.

“Those babies that are being hurt in those videos, they are not being hurt anymore. That’s all I care about. That’s all I care about,” said Boyett through tear-filled eyes.

WHNT reached out to Kiddieland Child Care Center for a comment on the situation and they declined.

The center does have legal aid and management says they will make a statement at a later time.