Former congressman speaks to hurdles Mo Brooks could face locally and in D.C. following insurrection


HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Parker Griffith, a former Alabama State Senator and U.S. Congressman is calling on Congress to expel Rep. Mo Brooks, who took Griffith’s house seat and again defended it several years later.

“I just thought he had lost it completely. That he got caught up in the moment and failed to recognize that he was a U.S. Congressman,” said Griffith on the comments Brooks made at the Stop The Steal Rally.

Brooks most notably said “Today is the day that American Patriots start taking down names and kicking ass,” at the rally.

“There are a lot of good Republicans that I think are nauseated by Mo Brooks from what he did,” said Griffith.

During his political career, Griffith started as a Democrat. While serving in Congress, Griffith switched to the Republican Party. In Griffith’s opinion, Brooks could face exile from his own business community.

“I think our major contractors. Our major military contractors, they can’t take Mo Brooks in a room,” said Griffith who believes the same situation has already been playing out in D.C.

“If you notice over the years, every time Senator Shelby had an announcement to make, he never invited Mo Brooks to be with him. Contrast that with Bud Cramer, who was a Democrat, Shelby a Republican, they went out of their way to work together. Mo Brooks is not that person,” said Griffith.

Brooks maintains he has nothing to apologize for. Saying he was trying to inspire patriots for upcoming elections instead of inciting violence.

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