Former AAMU professor accuses school of firing him because of his sexual orientation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A former Alabama A&M University professor claims the school violated his civil rights while he was employed. According to our news partners at, Edward Jones was terminated from AAMU in March of 2016.

University officials said they fired Jones after discovering videotaped sex acts with students on his laptop.

The former tenured educator claims he was fired from AAMU because of his sexual orientation. The lawsuit also accuses AAMU police of unlawfully searching and taking items from his home.

The 17-page complaint details what Jones calls unlawful employment practices carried out by AAMU during his time at the school. Jones claims he was sent a letter on October 15, 2015, by Vice President of Academic Affairs Daniel K. Wims.

In part, the letter reads, “You are being placed on paid administrative leave due to serious concerns raised by the Alabama State Department of Education as to sufficiency of administrative process along with other administrative compliance issues identified by your immediate supervisor. Please note that this is not a disciplinary measure.”

The former professor claims the letter failed to identify what those serious concerns were.

In January 2016 Jones said he received another note from Wims that indicated AAMU was intending on terminating his employment. The letter accused Jones of using AAMU resources to view and create obscene material.

In the lawsuit, Jones notes that is much different from the reason he was put on administrative leave.

One March 10 Edwards says he was officially terminated for sexual misconduct. He also claims that same day AAMU police officer unlawfully searched and seized items from his home off campus. The lawsuit accuses AAMU police of taking personal thumb drives, laptops and an old cell phone.

Jones said Huntsville Police officers did not accompany AAMU officers. He also claims the university police roughed him up, restrained him and directed offensive terms at him.

We reached out to AAMU on Saturday regarding these allegations. We have yet to hear back. We will include AAMU’s statement when we receive it.

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