Food Supply Dwindles at Phil Campbell Food Pantry

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Dozens of families in Phil Campbell lost everything when a tornado ripped through the town.  Many have re-built and continue to call the area home.  However, some of those families need help putting food on their table and those families aren’t the only one struggling.

A food pantry in town also needs donations to keep on giving.

Empty freezers line the walls at the Feed My Sheep Food Ministry in Phil Campbell.

“We need to be able to meet that need and its heartbreaking to have someone come in and not be able to fulfill a total need,” said Martha Warren, Feed My Sheep Food Ministry Director.

Since the tornado 1 year ago, the demand keeps rising and the shelves reveal a thinning food supply.

“This is low, we never know from day to day, from week to week, how many will come in and when a person comes in, we don`t know how many is in their family, how many they are responsible for,” said Warren. 

Ground Zero Rescue Mission and Feed My Sheep doesn’t turn anyone away but the director says this low supply could threaten their work throughout the community.

“They are so grateful you can tell just by the look on their face, the relief they have that there is somewhere they can go to obtain help,” said Warren.

The director says your donation can go a long way.  Ground Zero can feed a whole family for just a couple dollars and now they want to reach out to the community to help their community.

If you would like to donate, you can bring food and supplies to the ministry in Phil Campbell. 

Staff will also pick up items from your home.

The director also encourages people to donate clothes, toiletry items, and hair supplies.

You can mail donations to: 

Feed My Sheep Food Ministry
Ground Zero Rescue Mission

P.O. Box 72

Phil Campbell, AL 35581

(205) 546-0572

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