Food date marked more than a month ago and dirty dishes stored with clean ones

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Maggie Meyers Irish Pub

1009 Henderson Rd NW, Huntsville, AL 35816

Score: 75


  •  Employee restrooms highest registering temperature was 95ºF. Paper towels not provided and the hand sink was not accessible due to a pan in the sink.
    • Follow up: The bar hand sink is cleared and accessible. It also has paper towels.
    • The employee restroom’s hand sink hot water is 97ºF (temperature requirement is 100ºF).
  • Sewage was conveying onto the ground from the dumpster.
    • Follow up: The old dumpster was replaced with a new dumpster and the dumpster and grease barrel’s area was cleaned.
  • There was residue in the ice machine and soda nozzle.
    • Follow up: The ice machine and soda nozzles were cleaned.
  • Coleslaw made on 5/14/19, stew made on 06/06/19, and cottage pie made on 05/31/19.
    • The manager discarded them.
    • Follow up: All food containers have date labels within 7 days. A notice of intent to suspend their permit was issued during the follow-up for not correcting the holding temperature for the hand sinks. All other violations were corrected.



12909 US-231, Hazel Green, AL 35750

Score: 82


  • Cracked food prep pans; dirty dishes stored with clean.
    • Corrected during the inspection.
  • Highest recorded water temperature at the time of inspection was 86ºF.
    • Follow up: The water temperature reached 151ºF.
  • A hand sink was being used to dump drinks; tools and paint scrapers were stored in hand sink.
    • Corrected during the inspection.


Clean Plate Recommendation

Cheeseburger Bobby’s

725 Beltline Rd SW, Decatur, AL 35603

Score: 98

If you’re like me, nothing satisfies better than a juicy burger — add cheese please!

Forget the salad bar, at the ‘burger bar’ you can dress up your hamburger and bun with a wide selection of toppings and spices.

But if you’re going off the menu — their “bucket list” burger has plenty on top like a fried egg, American cheese, bacon, an onion ring, Bobby’s sauce and a pickle on top.

Turkey and veggie burgers are also available for non-red-meat eaters.

Freshly cut fries get a pop of seasoning with salt pepper and garlic.

For dessert, their thick creamy custard serves as the base for concretes, sundaes and shakes.

They say they work hard to maintain a clean space.

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