Food companies looking to give back

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NEW YORK – Companies with a mission to give back were trending at the 2019 Fancy Food Show in New York this year.

Hadas Lahav, founder of Sindyanna of Galilee, says her company builds bridges between divided communities. Sindyanna of Galilee partners Arabs and Israelis to produce olive oil and other products. From job opportunities for Arab women and work with Arab farmers to the bottle artwork created by Arab and Israeli children, they want to be an example of how Arab and Jewish people can live in peace. Lahav says “We think this is better for the future of our children and this will be better for both sides.”

Specialty foods is a 150 billion dollar industry, largely driven by millennials. Denise Purcell of the Specialty Food Association says young people want the companies they buy from to share their values. Purcell says, “They are becoming more interested in what the company is about; not just how the product is made, but the people behind it and what they stand for.”

Philip Teverow partnered with Chef Pierre Thiam to found Yolélé, a company that sells fonio, an ancient grain grown by small farmers in West Africa. The company is creating jobs in the region and introducing more consumers to fonio.

“People are ready for the new tastes and they haven’t experienced that West African taste, by and large,” according to Teverow. He says “Our purpose is to increase per capita income in West Africa”.

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