Florida teacher accused of calling Muslim student derogatory names

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BROWARD COUNTY, Fla. (CNN) – The parents of a Florida high school student are demanding reprimands for a teacher who they say called their son derogatory names.

“I’m into Boy Scouts, and here’s a picture of me at Florida Sea Base. I love building Legos. It’s my pride and joy,” said the 14-year-old boy.

Wardani is pretty much the All-American kid.  In fact, the only time that this teenager might seem a little bit different to some is when he introduces himself.

“My name is Deyab-Houssein Wardani,” he said.

But one day, he says one of his teachers at Cypress Bay High School in Weston called him something else as he walked into class wearing a hoodie because he wasn’t feeling well.

“She said, “Oh no, the Taliban’s here!” And at first, it was all taken as a joke because I didn’t know what the Taliban was,” said Wardani.

He says she called him that more than once.

“When I raised my hand, she said ‘Yes Taliban.’ And everyone just kinda laughed,” he said.

Deop Hussein said she sometimes even called him ‘Rag-head’ Taliban, and his parents are outraged.   They even set up a Facebook page.

“Our son is not a ‘Rag-head Taliban’. He’s not. He’s 14 years old. All I wanted for him is to like his class,” said his father, Youssef Wardani.

His parents met with the school principal who offered to take him out of the teacher’s class.

“I want her to be either fired, or suspended for one year without pay,” the father said.

The Council of American-Islamic Relations is investigating and released this statement: “We are sickened to learn a Broward County school teacher is bullying a Muslim student referring to him as a ‘Rag-head Taliban’.  This type of hate speech is rooted in bigotry and misinformation and cannot be tolerated.”

The Broward County School System released its own statement:  “This situation is being taken seriously; the district launched an immediate investigation into the matter and will be bringing forward to the school board in march a recommendation for disciplinary action regarding this situation.”

The teacher, Deop Hussein says, was once one of his favorites.

“I am extremely disappointed with her, and I guess you could say, sad that people still think like that, to this day,” the teen said.

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