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PUNTA GORDA ISLES, Fla. (CNN) – Often times when you catch a stingray on a fishing trip, it’s a disappointment.  Not this time.

A fishing trip near Fort Myers turned into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a Florida teenager.

Calvin Conger caught a stingray that he soon discovered was giving birth!  He caught the momma near Ponce De Leon Park.

“We were kind of bummed about it. We got it on the boat. We put it on the filleting table, because we were gonna use it for bait,” Conger said. “We got a closer look at it, and there was another stinger hanging out.”

Conger’s girlfriend, Hannah Harris, thought it was a little gross, but his father pushed the baby stingray out.  They soon discovered there was a second stingray pup about to be born.

So, by giving new life, the mother stingray managed to spare her own.

“We let it go. We wouldn’t kill the mom,” Conger said.

“It makes me want to go fishing more. You just see the weirdest things, and it was an awesome moment,” said Harris.

“I can put it on my resume that I helped deliver a stingray,” said Conger.