Florence Schools To Add Security Measures

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – After recent shooting incidents that took place inside schools across the country, school leaders across the country began evaluating their own security plans.

A system in the Shoals is starting the process of locking down their campuses so to speak, in an effort to control access from the outside.

In August, a man visiting his child at Hibbett Middle School came on to campus with a hand-gun in his waistband.

The incident was quickly controlled by a school resource officer, but it served as a reminder to Florence City Schools Superintendent Dr. Janet Womack the importance of securing their campuses.

“For us it was to have a system and put in place a plan to continue to upgrade our facilities of what we needed,” explained Womack.

In the coming weeks, workers will be installing security measures on all outside doors on four of the systems campuses.

Teachers and personnel will have card key access on designated doors to access the school.

Visitors will be greeted by a two-way video monitoring system, and have to be let in by office personnel.

“It is to know exactly who is in our building at all times,” stated Womack. “And certainly I would think that every parent would want that in any school that there child attends.”

And according to Womack future plans call for all schools to have the new security systems installed within the next two years.

Dr. Womack said the new card swipe system and entry monitors will run the Florence City Schools between 15 and 18 thousand dollars per campus.

Womack added that each school in the system has a Florence police officer who monitors activity on the campus.

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