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MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the conviction of a Florence man for murder in Lauderdale County.

Alfonso Ramon Jarmon, 38, was convicted in 2020 for the murder of his neighbor Charles Perkins. The trial in 2020 was the second time Jarmon had been found guilty of Perkins’s murder.

According to a press release from Attorney General Steve Marshall, the evidence at trial showed on April 29, 2016 Jarmon shot the victim while Perkins was standing in his front yard. Two witnesses saw the shooting and a witness at the crime scene told police that Jarmon was the one who shot and killed Perkins.

In October 2017 during his first trial Jarmon’s defense attorney, Jean Darby, collapsed during closing arguments and was rushed to a hospital, where she later died. Jarmon was appointed new attorneys and the judge in the case determined the trial should continue. A jury found him guilty, and he was sentenced to life in prison.

In 2019 the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals reversed Jarmon’s original conviction and ordered a new trial.

In the second trial in 2020 Jarmon was once again found guilty and sentenced to life in prison.

Jarmon once again tried to have his conviction reversed on appeal and the Criminal Appeals court ruled against him on August 27, 2021.