Florence Families Frustrated After Flood Waters Surround Homes

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LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A heavy downpour Wednesday, soaked the Shoals, causing flooding in several areas.

Some families in Florence got stranded due to rising rain water.

Wednesday afternoon, the water swirled along Chisholm Road with force.

Linda Wheeler and her mother in-law watched a pop up waterfall safely from their front yard.  However, with the water coming up so quickly, Wheeler says getting home was a close call.

“That was kinda scary, my daughter was at band camp, I had to go pick her up,” said Wheeler.  “I saw the water rise and I was just praying we would get back.”

However getting home in time seems to be a Catch 22.  The family was still stranded, with nowhere to go.

That’s because the raging rapids in their front yard aren`t suppose to be there.  After about 15 minutes of heavy rainfall, the water crested over the roadway and the Wheeler family couldn’t get out of their driveway.

“I worry more about my mother in-law, because her health isn`t the greatest and if anything every happened, we`d have no way to leave,” said Wheeler.

The family says they feel helpless, but it's a situation they've come to expect a couple times a year.

Still Wheeler says she's been in contact with several state, county, and city agencies, with hopes of getting these rainy day drainage issues fixed.  Wheeler says the Army Corp of Engineers has been to the site to review the problem.  The Corp did some maintenance to the area, but Wheeler says more needs to be done, to keep her yard from flooding during hard rainfalls.

“I wish they would figure out a solution to the excessive overflow of water, some way to get it flow smoother, my drive way is getting washed out,” said Wheeler.

The Wheeler clan isn't the only family feeling the watershed headaches.  Wheeler's neighbors and even families across the street are forced to stay inside, until the flood waters recede.