Flooding impacts homes, roadways across North Alabama


(WHNT) — Flash flooding overtook several roadways and crept into homes across the Tennessee Valley on Saturday night.

Ardmore firefighter Jason Steele said he and his fellow firefighters were caught off guard, along with several other homeowners aren’t used to the type of flooding seen on Saturday evening.

“They just never thought it would rain that hard and come up that quick into their homes,” Steele said. “It caught them and us off guard as well.”

Steele said the flooding was roughly two to three feet with yards and roads completely flooded.

According to the Limestone County Emergency Management Agency, one home was swept off of its foundation by rising floodwaters with all of this happening in 30 to 40 minutes.

“Just going around the area we know of several roadways that are damaged pretty severely, and we’re just trying to maintain that and we’ve been glad to have multiple agencies respond to assist us right now,” Steel continued.

A portion of Ardmore’s downtown area was also shut down after an underpass, along with several vehicles, became submerged.

The Ardmore Fire Department says it is temporarily housing several displaced homeowners until a more permanent living situation can be found.

A two-vehicle accident occurred this afternoon in Decatur, seemingly caused by flooding on city roadways. (Photo by Jamie Speakman)

In Decatur, one eyewitness said Decatur Police were on scene for a two-vehicle accident that seemed to caused by flooding on the roadways. The incident occurred at Beltline and Glenn Street.

A spokesperson with Decatur Police said the city was experiencing moderate flooding and encouraged drivers to avoid travel if possible until the water subsides.

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