Five area districts to kick off school year Wednesday


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Parents in five area school districts are gearing up for the start of school year on Wednesday amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The school districts of Morgan County, Fort Payne City, Lawrence County, and Decatur City will kick off the school year with blended options. Madison City School District is beginning the school year all virtual.

“It’s kind of scary but I don`t want him missing out on is his junior year,” said Nancy Oliver who opted for in-person learning for her son at his Madison County school. But Oliver says the decision was not an easy one. “You know there are the water fountains, the lockers and they’ll be close together,” Oliver added.

In Decatur, Gina Wyana is another parent who has decided to send her child to school in-person Wednesday. “My children need to interact. It’s been a trying time over this whole pandemic,” Wyana said. “We make sure we have hand sanitizer, plenty of soap, plenty of Clorox to sterilize and clean the house and doorknobs and refrigerators, the whole 9.”

But another parent in Decatur said she will be going with the all-virtual option for her kids to prevent the spread of COVID-19. “I don’t trust my children too much going around other children, especially with COVID-19, because the first thing their best friends said was I want to hug my best friend. I’m ready to go back to school,” that parent added.

Most of the school districts have been reminding parents that the COVID-19 pandemic will make the start of the school year very unpredictable. The districts are asking parents to be prepared for potential operational changes as the school year progresses.

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