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PICKWICK LAKE —  A Facebook post that has been shared over 30,000 times is not only comical, but the kind of post we need more of in this world.

A man fishing in Pickwick Lake over the weekend, Corey Glenn, reeled in an unexpected catch– a GoPro Hero 3. (For those who may not know, GoPros are a high-tech camera that can capture amazing photos and videos and are waterproof.)

The fisherman took the camera home, cleaned and recharged the device. They thought there was no way it would still work… until it actually turned on and the footage began downloading to the computer.

The footage they found was dated February 28, 2014. That means the device had been on the bottom of the lake for three years, two months and 21 days.

The footage they found shows a fisherman on his boat just seconds before the camera flops off the boat and into the water. As the GoPro sinks, you see a smart phone float by the camera and into the watery abyss. The last image seen is the camera hitting the sediment on the bottom of the lake.

The fisherman posted the footage and photos on Facebook hoping to reunite the camera with its owner.

Here is the original Facebook post:

WHNT News 19 talked to Glenn, the man who found the GoPro. He said the rightful owner contacted him through Facebook and confirmed the story. The owner said the GoPro was actually a Christmas gift from his parents, and this was the first time he’d used it since it was gifted to him.

Glenn said that the GoPro has been packaged as is ready to be shipped to its owner.

After being shared on Facebook for over 24 hours, GoPro saw the post, shared it and responded: