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(NEXSTAR) — “Fisher-Price came to slay,” toy company Mattel says of its latest set of Little People Collector figurines, which feature the world’s most recognizable drag queen, RuPaul.


Fisher-Price’s Little People Collector figurines, launched in 2019, pay homage to pop-culture icons and entertainment characters. The brand’s newest set of three includes RuPaul, the Emmy-winning host of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” both in and out of drag.

“The figure pack honors RuPaul’s efforts to inspire people young and old to be true to themselves,” Mattel writes in a press release.

The package’s box advertises the toys as being appropriate for ages 1-101.

The figurines come at the same moment various bills, referred to as “Don’t Say Gay” bills, move through several state legislatures, and may prohibit potential references to LGBTQ identities or topics in kindergarten through third-grade classrooms — topics which supporters of such bills say are not “age-appropriate.”

Meanwhile, a flurry of challenges to LGBTQ-referential books in public schools and libraries are being filed across the nation, with the goal of many books being banned or removed from shelves. Detractors say such moves will only work to further stigmatize and marginalize queer youth, who already face increased risk of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Proponents of these measures have made claims that detractors are “grooming” children — a loaded term most closely associated with child sex abuse, Poynter Institute reports. The term was repeated by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary back in March.

Poynter’s PolitFact says research shows the term is historically rooted in anti-gay movements, and aimed at demonizing LGBTQ people as being a risk to children. “Research shows that the idea is false,” Poynter says, citing studies from the National Library of Medicine and the American Psychology Association, among others.

Mattel says it hopes the RuPaul figurines help fans of all ages to heed “the wise words of MamaRu,” which the brand reprinted in the press release: “Don’t be afraid to become the image of your own imagination — it inspires others to do the same.”

The collectibles are available at Mattel.