First Stop serving homeless with new interview program


HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It’s been a week since the homeless community on Mill Street was forced to move so the City of Huntsville can do flood mitigation work in the area.

Many groups came together to help with the transition. One of those was First Stop and they are offering a new program to help those in need get better care.

When a homeless person comes to First Stop, they are placed in Charity Tracker, with their permission. The database can be accessed by 200 different local agencies.

Tim Davis, First Stop’s Executive Director, says to better understand someone’s situation and needs, they interview people with something called the “Vulnerability Index Service Provider’s Decision Assistance Tool,” or SPDAT.

“The SPDAT is a quick and easy 15-20 minute interview with a client,” said Davis. “At the end of the interview, we are able to determine just how difficult or how easy it will be to get that person housed.”

First Stop then provides the person with a charity tracker unique photo ID card, which is accepted by some service providers as an adequate form of identification.

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